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What is synArt ?

Syn is the first bit of information sent out over a network so that a synchronized communication is created. An exchange.

Art is, if nothing else, an exchange.

synArt is an association "law 1901". Founded by Mister Faia Carl and Mister Tworowski Sébastien.

Basically, we're a bunch of Max-MSP/Jitter programmers, musicians, composers or sound engineer who want to help new technologies based creation.

The activities of synArt are as follows : Research, creation, production and diffusion of musics associated to new technologies as well as any activities in link with it.

- synArt is made of :

Carl Faia : Composer, sound designer, live electronics designer, teacher.

Sébastien Tworowski : Sound designer in live electronics, composer and musician.

Gérard Délia : Sound engineer and musician.

What do we do ? ---->

The four main activities of synArt are : - creation - performances - pedagogy - research

    synArt seeks the new financing for artists who work in the creation of music with new technologies (patronage). It develops the new single forms of expression with the thorough use of technologies in relation to sound art. synArt develops the new tools for computer creation making connection between researchers, composers, musicians and multi-media artists in general. The association would wish to work in bond with the units of research and creation of the pole Sophia-Antipolis and the area. Its major ambition is to develop a center for musical theater creation. Not an other "festival de la quatrième dimension" or an other CIRM but a center for research specialized in the field of musical theater. 

How to contact us ? ---->